Home take take take this place
the eyes of the solomon
me give it you
come take take take this place
the eyes of the solomon
me give it you

keruwyn, blood pitua, evin rush alongside
me de
you would have know that
yep me savy
its good to be back
this is
enjoy come and feel the breeze
alot of islands
with great palm trees
back home enjoy
swimming in the villages
life hemi easy
people live simple
some of them geezi
some of them choiseul
you will see different
type of cultures
then none of them
in a the museum pictures
bae you lukim staka
different type of faces
kind oli kinda come
from different places
solomon music
keep it up umi go
come celebrate and
let the music flow


back where i call home
back to the place
i call home
back where i call home

distant shores
have been calling me
to a place to
learnt that my eyes can't see
i know when time
faith will take me
so i'll wait patiently

blood pitua
if you come lo place ya
place hemi peace ya
set the standard
took it and
bae you lukim lo place ya
melanesian, micronesian, polynesian
ever pretty and beauty
if you gonna tell
they will take you there
come everybody
take the time right now
come everybody
take the chance right here
right now
take a look
right now

chorus (2x)

kai ya da know
i and i
evin rush alongside
sis, keruwyn
was all because of them
it feels so good to be
to the place
where i belong
back to the place
where i call home
place where me lusim
so long
me ya dont wanna missed it
in my belief still
it feels so good
to be feel so relieve
and it got the truth
many memories when i
make them throughout the year
beneath the trees
mi sit down
time of the year
where me feel say

i know
just to know that its plain to see
so faraway
from the place that you long to be
but things are different here
this is where
am free
and you will always
be at home
for ever

rocking gently
now am home again
theres a peace
inside of me
homes where am free
there'll be no time wasted
drink to celebrate it
now am back


hope you eNj0Yed it ! !
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